New Products

  • Pretz wheat sticks
  • Pretz, meiji Lucky sticks
    • Pretz and meiji Lucky sticks, available in different flavours! 
  • Sink Drain Cover
    • These animal shape drain covers make your kitchen look more cute! 
  • Taiwanese Sun-Moon-Lake mochi!!
    • Taiwanese famous Sun-Moon-Lake mochi comes in flavours of green tea, taro, peanuts, red bean and sesame! 
  • Toilet seat covers
  • Travel essentials
  • Vintage style candle holder
  • Waffle style mug lid
    • Don't be deceived by its delicious look!! It's actually a mug lid cover :D
    • Item comes with a clip to clip on the mug. 
  • Winter assorted gloves
    • Grab yourself a pair of these winter gloves, stay warm and get ready for winter! 
  • Winter fluffy socks!
    • Get cozy with these fluffy socks, all for just $2.80 each! 


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