New Products

  • Adhesive/ Suction/ Magnetic Hooks
    • We have a great range of adhesive/ sucktion/ magnetic hooks in stores
    • The hooks may take up weights from 500 grams to 1.5 kilograms. 
  • Beanie & Ear warmer
  • Cleaning rollers & dusters
    • Clean like a pro!!
  • Cleaning rollers & wet tissues
    • To clean the fur for your floor, these rollers help you to do your job quicker!
    • Cleaning sticky rolls come in different sizes and level of stickness
    • Rollers and sticky rolls are sold seperately
  • Colorful toilet seat covers
  • Containers & cling wraps
    • We have what you're missing in your kitchen.... No, we didn't hide it it here, it just happen to be here:l Please come buy it from us :)
  • Cute Cleaning Sponges


    • Clean with these cute animal sponges and make your work easier! 
  • Cutlery & Chopsticks
    • We have cutlery for all styles of meal; from Western to Eastern to Oceanian and DanDa styles.
  • Deordrants
    • Discover the scents of Japan
  • Disposable hand warmers & covers
    • Hand warmers are designed to provide portable warmness and you may put them in your pocket; or with the ones come with adhesives, you may also stick them onto your clothes to keep you warm. 
    • If you find the warmers to be too hot, you may also get the covers from us. Covers available in a range of designs, Disney series are also avaialble in stores. 


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