Kitchen and Dining

  • Lunch decoration - Heart shape food picks
    • Put some heart shape food picks in your lunch box to make it cuter! 
  • Lunch decoration - Little animal types food picks
  • Lunch decoration - Little houses food picks
    • Bento decoration food picks
  • Lunch decoration - Round type food picks
    • This product is designed to put your lunch together eg. sandwiches
  • Lunch decoration picks - Road signs
    • Decorate with these little road sign food picks to make your bento box cuter! 
  • Lunch decoration picks - Rockets
    • UFOs/rockets/stars picks
  • Lunch mold - Animal shape
    • This product is designed to make the rice to cute animals! 
    • Product made in Japan. 
  • Lunch molds
    • These lunch molds are designed to make the rice to different shapes. 
  • Lunchbox wraps
    • These lunchbox wraps are designed to keep your lunchbox clean :) 
  • Party cups & plates


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